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Inner Shadow

Inner Shadow

Label: Green Martian

Release date: 2017-06-19

Catalog number: GM2017299

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Inner Shadow (Original Mix)
Enlusion, Pranav Mayekar
Prime Element (Original Mix)
Enlusion, Pranav Mayekar

Russian DJ and producer Kirill Smirnov aka Enlusion returns to Green Martian alongside Mumbai based Indian DJ and producer Pranav Mayekar on the fantastic Inner Shadow. Enlusion is making his mark on the progressive scene with some gusto, in just a very short space in time he has notched up quite an impressive back catalogue with releases on labels such as Unique Sound, Abstract Space, OLD SQL Recordings, Mystic Carousel and his debut on Green Martian at the start of 2016 – Innervate EP. Pranav is somewhat of a mysterious artist although, his Soundcloud page boasts an impressive and diverse range of sounds which intrigues. Plenty more to come from both these guys in the future, well worth checking out.

First up we have the impressive progressive vibes of Inner Shadow which intros with a muted kick drum before being gripped by lush bassy tones and a thicker kick. Rhythmic percussions form up with a bright crispy hi hat leading the way. The bass probes deeper, bending and warping creating a tangible atmosphere while melancholic synths draw on the emotions. A sublime effort that will surely become a firm favourite.

Prime Element delivers a fresh Summer vibe thanks to bright melodies and a nice dancey beat made up of chunky kicks and shuffling percussions. Cascading arpeggios take the main focus as a deep bassline meanders through the sound. The bass gives the track a wonderful characteristic while the upper frequencies carve out cool textures. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.




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