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Indian Trip EP

Green Martian GM2015259 19 October, 2015

Experimental Feelings aka Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez gets his full Green Martian release with the superb three tracker – Indian Trip EP. He first showed up in September 2015 on remix duties for Pavlin Petrov featuring Selina Stoane’s Feeling Alive which gained great support, and prior to this he appeared on Green Martian’s Afterhour Trax 17 and Bonzai’s Progressive House 15.

Indian Trip gets right down to business from the off and takes no prisoners with its punchy kicks and tight percussion arrangement. Swirling sounds create a wonderfully atmospheric vibe that drives the groove beautifully before getting some backup from the solid bass line that bubbles up from the depths. The groove is relentless here as we get totally hooked right up to the break where the track digs deep into an Eastern flavour filled with Indian voices and wonderful melodies. Fantastic slice of prog here that will definitely light up any floor.

Forces Of Nature gets the progressive juices flowing with a truly atmospheric vibe filled with airy pads and melodic strings that melt into the sound with ease. A cool synth chord is present throughout and serves as a mesmerising focal point. The bass line trods along with a smooth driving force that shores the track up perfectly and allows the melodic nature of the groove to shine. The break takes us to a more intense arena with a deep vocal and some harsher synths that add a tougher edge to the sound. Top notch stuff yet again from this guy.

Insomnia intros with a complex arrangement of percussions drums and sweeping synth pads that when combined provide a solid groove filled with progressive delights. A punchy, probing bass enters the fray and gets the groove going on a deeper course. A seemingly haphazard affair which alludes to that sense of insomnia where you find yourself torn between sleep and an awakened state. The break almost frees you from this inertia with a subtle yet short lived melody that threatens to cut through the darkness only to be swallowed up and slammed back into the main groove for the duration. The perfect tool for those late night sessions for sure.