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In The Mix 003 – Deep Tech Sessions

Bonzai Progressive MWCD2016499 19 September, 2016

Our In The Mix series continues and this time around we enlisted the sleek and tight skills of one of our high profile artists – Crocy. In The Mix 3 features two solid mixes that bring together a wealth of music from within the archives at Bonzai HQ. Crocy holds nothing back as he utilises his talent to maximum effect. Over the years he has played at many top venues across Europe and beyond. He is a pioneer in the Slovenian dance music scene and champions his own sound with every quality release. He’s had a raft of releases on Bonzai Progressive, most notable his latest cut Valve which quickly gained a lot of support.

Part 1 of this 2 part set features tracks and remixes from the likes of Vichigen, Manu Riga, Audio Storm, Airwave & Jimmy Gale, Don Longton, Steve Sai, Moshic, Kintar, Rise and Fall, Stan Kolev and many others. These tracks are blended effortlessly into a seamless mix of pure progressive delight and is not to be missed. Part 2 takes us on a more deeper orientated mix with cuts from Insert Name, Joal, Diego Alvez, Victor Maximiliano, Brett Lawrence, Konnect & Cool People, Matan Caspi, Gai Barone, Mike Vale and Nina Schatz among others. A contrasting mix that will easily set the mood and keep any party rocking.