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    In The Cadillac EP

    In The Cadillac EP

    Label: Piston Recordings

    Release date: 2018-02-05

    Catalog number: PR2018382

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    In The Cadillac (Original Mix)
    Sebastian Tourt, Natur
    Latin Bronx (Original Mix)
    Sebastian Tourt, Natur

    The dynamic duo of Sebastian Tourt and Natur return to Piston recordings with the delicious house driven two tracker entitled In The Cadillac EP. These guys continue to generate a wave of support from their previous collabs while maintaining a solid rep in the house arena. Natur is a relative newcomer to the scene with several releases spanning a couple of years, while Sebastian has been around for quite a while with numerous top notch cuts over the last 7 years. One thing is for sure, we’re happy to see these guys return, they always bring a smile to our faces and a bit of funk to our moves.

    In The Cadillac sets of with a nice, classic styled kick drum and hi hat combi which is backed up with cool percussions. A funky, groovy ass bassline gets the track rolling, forcing us on to the floor. The track is laced with cool vocals that add a club touch while smooth chords ebb and flow, ramping up the infectious draw the groove has. On the break the funky riffs just keep on coming before we head back to full on mode and that dominating dancing bassline. A solid slice that will not disappoint.

    Latin Bronx inspires a tribal house vibe right from the get go thanks to a collection of rhythmic drums. We head deep into club territory though with brash vocals and coarse, stabbing synths. Brighter, melodic keys strike a cool contrast in the sound while a deep bassline shores up the low end. A rich and diverse groove born out of a cacophony of sounds that will most definitely be a welcome addition to any set.




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