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In A Heart Beat

In A Heart Beat

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2018-03-19

Catalog number: BP7422018

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In A Heart Beat (Original Mix)
Lily Pita
Azalea (Original Mix)
Lily Pita

Jakarta based DJ and producer Lily Pita marks her full debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb In A Heart Beat and this one follows a hugely successful remix on L.S.G.’s Supercycle from the end of 2017. Since 1999 Lily Pita has been spreading the love for dance music to the crowds around Indonesia, Europe and Canada. Lily lived for clubbing before she began to develop her passion for DJing. Since then she has been performing at an impressive number of prestigious clubs. Signed onto Spinach Records Management for years, she has amazed her fans worldwide with her performances at Embassy club, Stadium Jakarta, X2, Red Lite Montreal, Dagobert Quebec, Centro Jakarta, Double Six Bali, Sundance Festival and Aquadance Festival Slovakia to name a few. Her sound will blow you away, with a combination various genres, so get ready to be fascinated by this talented artist’s skills.

In A Heart Beat intros with a smooth rhythmic percussion led sequence as a hypnotic arpeggio fades in. A beautiful deep and lush bass bubbles underneath adding warmth and depth as those arpeggios begin their attack. The arps become more prominent as the envelopes are opened up making them instantly infectious and alluring. As the arps peak on the break we’re thrust right back into the main groove for the duration. Such a wonderfully arranged cut that will definitely leave its mark, not to be missed.

Azalea wastes no time as the intro places us right at the heart of this wonderfully rich and dynamic sound. Scathing synth organs dominate as a superb rumbling bassline lurks on the low end alongside cosmic FX. Tight beats will get us to the floor as hypnotic arpeggios weave through the sound while dark and mysterious spoken vocals draw us in. A masterful arrangement envelopes us with a rich and diverse atmosphere filed with beautiful melodic strings and pads. The break is simply sublime and the outro just makes us want more and more. Stunning.




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