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Iguana Love

Bonzai Progressive BP9282020 6 April, 2020

Inessa debuts on Bonzai progressive with the fantastic Iguana Love, which features a solid remix from JoC H. We don’t know much about the person behind the project, but we do the sound is superb and will fit right into our catalogue. Great to have Inessa on board, no doubt we’ll find out more in the future.

The Original Mix intros with a real smooth, deep and warm groove filled with soft kicks, lush bass tones and emerging melodies. A probing bassline adds movements as various percussion elements combine to deliver a flowing rhythm. Tastefully done, the track is a hypnotic journey with touches of house and melodic techno, all rolled into a wonderful musical composition that delights with its ear pleasing delivery.

Bolivian DJ, producer JoC H aka Jose Henry returns to Bonzai Progressive on remix duties after his last effort here with Momentum EP. With a hugely impressive back catalogue on top labels this guy always has one thing on his mind, to transmit his energy into everything he does creating an exciting and amazing experience to his listeners. This is something he consistently achieves, and this time is no different. On the remix here, Jose takes a more energetic approach, interpreting the original beautifully, making it his own. Tight beats and a smooth percussion arrangement create steady rhythms as a deep chord fades in. Mesmerizing synth lines join a rolling low end while rising pads generate an electric atmosphere. Subtle 303 lines are joined by strange melodies before a short build-up climaxes back to full-on mode. Top-notch stuff that will not disappoint.