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If Life Gives You Melons…

Piston Recordings PR2010045 3 August, 2010

  • If Life Gives You Melons... (Original Mix)

    Piek, Oraa

  • If Life Gives You Melons... (Uner 80's Mix)

    Uner, Piek, Oraa

And what a smashing release we have this month!! Piekfein makes a comeback this time under is new moniker Piek, and with is good friend Oraa, both deliver a stunning tech-house tune, “If Life Gives You Melons…”.To complete the release we include a high profile remix done by the one and only Uner. A fresh revamp of the original with a 80s flavour that is already raising eyebrows and support from many A-list DJs.Piek and Uner together again on a release, after their smash hit on Diynamic HDAH an