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I Like This EP

I Like This EP

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-04-10

Catalog number: PR2017303

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I Like This (Original Mix)
Upright (PT)
Slumber (Original Mix)
Upright (PT)
Physical (Original Mix)
Upright (PT)

Alvaro Martins aka Upright is back at Piston and once again we are treated to another superb tech flavoured offering on the three tracker I Like This EP. This one marks his fifth release as well as appearances on The Best Of Piston Recordings 2015 and 2016. Alvaro has a clear vision on how he wants his sound to be received, strong rhythms and deep chords, the perfect recipe to light up floors. Always a pleasure to have his work drop into the mail box and we hope to see more soon.

I Like This intros with a punchy in-your-face kick drum with shuffling hats and tight percussions that give off a cool dancey vibe. A deep throbbing bassline enters the fray and takes us on a tech house fuelled ride to the floors. Intense pads rise up alongside cool vocals before raucous synths do their thing. A powerful hard hitting cut that will not disappoint.

Slumber sets out with a very nice punchy kick drum and percussion combi that generates a flowing rhythmic vibe. Cool FX sweep across the sound as a funky ass bassline rises up from the depths alongside a superb clubby vocal snippet. This one is all about the tight drum arrangement and bass as minimal synths lurk in the background creating cool textures as well as an infectious groove. Not to be missed.

Physical takes on a solid club style track right from the off as expertly crafted drums combine to deliver a solid rhythmic groove. Slicing hi hats cut through an ever present low end sub bass that will rattle the bins and beat a solid groove through your body. Dark vocals litter the sound as the drum track intensifies with a little help from quality FX. A true tech house stomper that




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