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    Hit The Bang – Relaunch Remix

    Hit The Bang – Relaunch Remix

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2017-08-21

    Catalog number: BP6792017

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    Hit The Bang (Relaunch Remix)
    Groove Park, Relaunch

    As we move into the second half of 2017 we continue our classics remixed series with Groove Park’s Hit The Bang getting a contemporary makeover. Andre Strasser and Sharam Jey aka Sharam Nickjey Khososi make up the dynamic duo that is Groove Park. They were also the men behind massive projects such as 16C+, Three n One and Johnny Shaker to name just a few. GP burst onto the scene with Memories/Carrousel – on the by then very famous Bonzai Records – in 1995 before they really hit it big with Hit The Bang. The track came at a time when the music was starting to splinter off into multiple sub genres, and this one found itself in a unique position in clubland. A hybrid progressive trance/techno offering that really got the floors pumping which kept the Bonzai brand synonymous with pure quality music. We think it’s the perfect candidate for the remix treatment which is why we’ve enlisted the hugely talented Relaunch to do the deed.

    German producer Maik Relaunch returns to BP after a short hiatus, and he couldn’t have picked a better time as we continue our run of tributes to the classics. After a slew of top remixes for the likes of Airwave & Phi Phi, Thorin, Sector 7, Gai Barone and Quadran, Maik delivered several quality cuts for BP that gained huge support from many jocks. He has also been a stalwart in the JOOF camp with top class tracks and remixes also gaining huge support worldwide. Here Maik does what he does best and that is delivering solid progressive grooves no matter what the source. The remix intros with a nice punchy kick drum alongside a fantastic deep, chugging bassline that replicates the original in a modern way. Short arpeggios add space to the sound as retro synths fade in adding that classic vibe to the groove. Powerful, mesmerizing and simply amazing stuff that will definitely turn a few heads.




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