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Bonzai Progressive BP9032019 30 December, 2019

Ricardo returns with the fantastic Heeey, which features two sublime progressive house track for our listening pleasure. This one follows his remix on Stradivalli & Night Shift Master’s Space Motion and is certainly on course to gain just as much attention as the former. Over the last few years Ricardo has racked up quite an impressive back catalogue across several labels, gaining a solid rep on the scene. We’re always super impressed with his output and it’s always an exciting time when his latest efforts come through the office. He is a very much sought-after collaborator and everything he turns his hand to is sublime.

Heeey resides in the lower echelons of the progressive realms, thanks to a solid, flowing bassline and sublime arpeggiators. Shouting vocals add rich texture to the sound as the bass melts into the various melodic elements beautifully. A strong, steady groove with hypnotic properties locks us in for the duration, making this an absolute must have.

Camp Fire takes us deeper into the groove with a nice and smooth rolling bassline at the core, powered by tight beats and warm progressive vibes. Rhythmic percussions offer movement as mesmerizing, airy pads fade. On the break, a chilling atmosphere emerges as those pads take control before the main groove gets back into full flow. Top-notch stuff once again that is not to be missed.