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Godspeed EP

Godspeed EP

Label: Green Martian

Release date: 2017-09-04

Catalog number: GM2017308

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Godspeed (Original Mix)
Momentum (Original Mix)

Slovenian artist Gamut aka GmT returns to Green Martian with the excellent Godspeed EP. His last outing here – Closer EP, gained great support and no doubt this one will follow suit. Gamut is the product of a very musical family having taken to this art from an early age with a venture in drums and percussion instruments. His teenage years were spent performing with bands and in 2000 he entered into the world of EDM with his first listen to a progressive CD. It wasn’t too long after that he started to DJ and ultimately produce his own sounds, many releases followed on many labels and here we see this diverse talent shine with more already lined up for the future.

Godspeed intros with an upbeat drum section that is made up of chunky kicks and bright shuffling hi hats. Cool Summer fuelled synths and pads sweep across the sound building up a quality groove to get down to. A deep rooted bassline makes its way into the track, creating a rolling effect on the sound which blends beautifully with those soft synths and vocals. A wonderful mesmerizing arpeggio weaves through the track keeping us hooked. Excellent stuff that is not to be missed.

Momentum opens with an established percussion pattern that becomes instantly infectious, drawing you to the floor. A nice punchy kick drum sits over the top of the arrangement enveloping us in an atmosphere of dance. Muffled vocals add an air of intrigue as hypnotic sounds begin to fade through, beefing up the progressive vibe. As the complex layers build a superb bassline keeps the groove moving making this an absolute must have.




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