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Go Away

Bonzai Progressive BP6822017 28 August, 2017

Renowned club DJ and music producer Greg S debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Go Away which features two top notch remixes from Matan Caspi and Manu Riga. Greg is much revered across Belgium and Europe for his energetic sets at many top clubs. From just 16 years of age he became hooked on electronic music after visiting clubs such as Boccaccio, Cirao, Balmoral and Extreme. It was then that he knew what he wanted to do. His big break came when he landed a residency at Top Tien and from there he secured gigs in several venues including Bocca (Resident), La Rocca, La Gomera, Club Lux (Resident), Riva, The Factory, Noxx, Pacha (Bordeaux) and KU-Lounge (Benidorm) as well as festivals such as, Insomnia Nights (Resident), Magic (Resident), Illusion at the beach, Cafeina, Beachland, Ibiza at the beach, Dance -D-Vision, Retro Arena (Topradio), Le Dimanche, Happy People, Tentacao, Drunk’n Funky, Sunrise Festival and Sunset Festival. His style is a mix of Deep House, Nu Disco, Tech House and Retro. In 2014 he got into producing music and his first track – Coming Your Way – was released with great support. This guy thrives on music, it’s his passion and the passion pushed him to organize his own events – Back And Forth and Eccentric. Great to have him on board and we hope we see more soon.

First up we have the Extended Version which delivers a real nice slice of progressive house with a hybrid vibe running through. A tight drum section will get the floors moving while a retro themed probing bassline will ensure the booty’s get a workout. A wonderfully serene vocal fades in and contrasts well with the melodic synths that gives the track a euphoric vibe. On the break the vocals and synths combine beautifully before we’re left with a huge stabby synth that will definitely get the club rocking. A diverse cut that dishes out a top notch groove, not to be missed.

Bonzai firm favourite Matan Caspi is back on remix duties with his unique brand of mesmeric prog that we all know and love. A deeper groove is on offer here which is manifested by a solid drum section and deep lush basses. The vocal contrasts beautifully with the subby bassline creating a wonderfully textured sound. Distant pads weave a surreal atmosphere as scattered FX fill out the spectrum. Excellent stuff that will not disappoint.

One of Bonzai Progressive’s longest standing stalwarts – Manu Riga, is up next on the remix with his Tech Mix and once again he delivers the goods in style. The track intros with a monster kick drum and crispy sharp hi hat combi. A probing, punchy bassline fades in creating a pacey groove that will certainly light up the floors while a mesmerizing synth lurks. The vocal is used beautifully here adding a hypnotic, haunting vibe to the sound. A wonderful arrangement from this hugely talented artist and a must have track no doubt.

This one will most definitely be turning a few heads with its club orientated grooves. The Radio Version is a DJ friendly cut that is sure to get airplay.