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Bonzai Progressive BP4762015 24 August, 2015

Alexey Lisin is back and this time around he enlists the vocal talents of Ann Di on the superb Gloss. Alexey’s last outing saw him utilise vocals from Ange on Vesna, and we have no doubt this new pairing will yield another great result.

The Original Mix sets out with deep, grooving house in mind as warm chords fade in and out alongside a cool shuffling hat patter. The stunning vocal from Ann glides in effortlessly and marries to the sound beautifully. The track gets into full swing as chunky kicks come through and tighten up the drum section perfectly. Those chords dominate right the way through the sound and are joined by cool glittering synths that cast brilliant textures. The bass sits back innocently while adding a great deal of depth to the groove and compliment the smooth vocals superbly. Top notch stuff that will surely get the floors moving.

Long Garden Avenue aka the hugely talented Manu Riga debuts on Bonzai Progressive with two very impressive remixes. Manu is currently one of Bonzai’s top deep progressive artists, but in 2005 he entered the scene through house music and slowly changed into a more progressive style. Over the last several months he has began to bring in more of his house music background with smooth melodies and emotional tracks coming through. 2015 is proving a big year for this guy and it is only going to get better from here. On the remix we get strapped into cool house grooves right from the get go as punchy kicks are joined by snappy snares and sharp claps. A smooth FM bass dances along the groove nicely while distinct house chords glide through. The track breaks with those chords fizzling in and out to the backdrop of Ann’s stunning vocal that fills the sound beautifully. A super tight drum arrangement keeps this rhythm in check and allows the musical side to flow effortlessly. Top notch stuff that puts Manu firmly back in the deep house game.
The Long Garden Avenue Dub Mix takes us deep into the groove with a pure musical journey with just the slightest hint of vocals popping up throughout. One for the late night trips for sure.

Abi-Q returns after a short hiatus to deliver a wonderfully deep, prog fuelled remix. We last saw Abi-Q back in February 2015 with the fantastic Boaka Chiringo which turned a few heads on the circuit, delighted to see him back once again. The remix gets right into prog mode as punchy kicks are met with sharp, crisp hats and a hypnotizing repeated vocal shot. A cool riser teases and leads us into a mixture of cool sounds and FX while in the background rich pads are forming up and creating a surreal atmosphere. The bassline soon follows and we find ourselves locked on for the duration. On the break we are hit with big stabby chords and glitchy sounds as fleeting synths leave a trail of progressive goodness. Superb stuff that will definitely grab attention.