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Give Me Your Love

Give Me Your Love

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-04-10

Catalog number: BP6352017

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Give Me Your Love feat. Dammy Ari (Main Mix)
Valleraphon, Dammy Ari
Gone feat. Dammy Ari (Main Mix)
Valleraphon, Dammy Ari
Give Me Your Love feat. Dammy Ari (Instrumental Mix)
Valleraphon, Dammy Ari

Valleraphon debuts on Bonzai Progressive alongside Dammy Ari with the stunning Give Me Your Love. Valleraphon is a multi artist collaboration between Irish DJ, producer – and former member of successful Irish rock band In Tua Nua, Martin Clancy, Greek producer and music production lecturer Vasileios Gourgourinis, Italian DJ, producer and Bonzai regular Giuliano A.L. and Carlow, Ireland rapper, singer Dammy Ari. An unlikely bunch in some regards, the age range is from 20 to 50 (we’re not saying who is closer to 50 though). This group of talented artists have bandied together to create something quite unique in the electronic music world. The range of expertise on show is staggering and goes some way to reflect the level of quality in the sound. This is a truly exciting venture that will break through boundaries as it explores new ways of creating electronic music. We are proud to present this to the world and have no doubt it will attract a lot of interest. Enjoy!

First up we have the Main Mix of Give Me Your Love which carries a wonderful hybrid sound filled with sharp, piercing stabs and a superb rhythmic flow. The track intros with a punchy kick drum and shuffling hat combi that takes us to a powerful driving bassline that will draw you onto the floors with its infectious groove. Cascading arpeggios create delicate melodies as Dammy’s distinct vocal has a captivating narrative filled with beautiful harmonies, delivered in a perfectly timed and executed manner. The track flows effortlessly with a fantastic club vibe that will most definitely grab a lot of attention.

Next we have the Main Mix of Gone which goes down a much deeper road than its sibling on this release. A deep droning bass tone dominates as chunky kick drums and subtle hi hats are matched with cool metallic percussion. The drum track is boosted with shuffling hats and various other percussions that give a nice flowing rhythm. A superb synth line develops and is manipulated with expert precision and sublime modulation that gives the track a very distinct vibe. This one goes into the progressive abyss and takes us along for the ride willingly making this a must have track for those late night sessions.

The Instrumental Mix of Give Me Your Love delivers the same solid groove of the Main Mix without the vocal giving jocks plenty of scope to play around with.




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