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Funky Dreams EP

Funky Dreams EP

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-07-31

Catalog number: PR2017335

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Funky Dreams (Original Mix)
Make Up (Original Mix)

Nereo debuts on Piston Recordings with the fantastic house music slice Funky Dreams EP. Nereo has been churning out quality cuts since 2012 across several labels with great success on many charts and playlists. Delighted to have this guy on board and we hope to see more soon.

Funky Dreams intros with a smooth upbeat vibe thanks to chunky kick drums and a shuffling percussion arrangement. Echoing voices come through as a snare roll builds and the crashes to reveal a deep liquefied bassline that finds its way into every nook and cranny of the groove. The break dishes out cool vocals to the backdrop of some quality FX work before we get slammed back into full on mode for the duration. A must have no doubt, the floors are gonna rock to this one.

Make Up sets off with cool rhythmic percussion arrangement which is soon followed by a tight punchy kick drum that gets things moving nicely. A deep probing bassline takes control of the groove and is joined by cool urban style vocals. On the break we find some very cool sounds including a syncopated synth note that speeds up creating a fantastic climax that throws us right back into the main groove. Superb tech house that you do not want to miss.




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