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Funkadelika EP

Piston Recordings PR2016265 14 November, 2016

Bjerk Peterson returns to Piston and joins up with debutant Citrus on the funky fresh Funkadelika. Tijuana born and now residing in Barcelona, Bjerk’s last outing here was back in May 2016 with his Diggin’ Deep EP which proved popular among many. Since then he’s been racking up quality cuts for various outfits as well as appearing at top parties around Barcelona and beyond.

The original mix of Funkadelika is up first and right away we are thrust into full on swinging slab of deep house grooves with a very cool garage sound. Everything is tight, from the drums to the beautifully crafted keys, club driven vocals and that rumbling low end sub level bass. A definite dancefloor slice here that will not disappoint. Funkadelika gets a makeover with the Jazzy Booty Mix which delivers a much funkier vibe that its original counterpart. We get the same tight arrangement and that blend of cool keys and vocals but with a much deeper groove that befits the jazzy style. Silky smooth vibes for the late night escapades.

Wanna Know is up next and the original mix gets straight down to a floor friendly vibe right from the off. Chunky kick drums are joined by rhythmic percussions and an array over very cool keys and a high pitch tone. The vocals add a lot of character to the sound in an almost playful fashion while the guts of the track delivers a superb deep house groove complete with warping basses inside a sophisticated arrangement. Next up is the Wobble Mix of Wanna Know which takes a deeper path than the original. The drums offer much more depth here as the vocals ring out alongside funky keys and the infectious rhythmic groove. The bass weaves in and out creating a hypnotically charged effect. Another fine slice of deep house that is a definite must have.