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Fragile Sunrise

Bonzai Progressive BP5482016 2 May, 2016

Matan Caspi remains a powerful force in the progressive world and as ever he delivers the good once more with Fragile Sunrise which is backed up with no less than three stunning remixes from top class artists Manu Riga, Rick Pier O’Neil and Hady Tarek. Last time out Matan delighted with Celebrium before an appearance on the bumper Bonzai & Friends 500 Remixes pack. We’ll let the music do the talking here, enjoy.

The Original Mix is laced with all the traits we’ve come to love about Matan’s work. A real sense of deep progressiveness with wonderful lush tones and contrasting sounds. The drum sections delivers a solid rhythmic foundation for the groove to take hold. The track drives forward with a fantastic low end filled with plush, probing basses while the mid range dishes out cool synths and FX. The break reveals a superb synth line that cascades up and down before slamming us right back into full on mode. Another epic slice from this super talented artist.

First up on the remix we have Rick Pier O’Neil who is enjoying great success with various tracks on labels like 76 Recordings, Balkan Connection, Green Martian and Bonzai Progressive to name just a few. A hard working artist both DJing and in the studio, we know we’re in for a real treat when this guy is at the helm. The remix intros with a dark stab that is soon joined by a subtle bass and muted kick drum. Scathing FX come through creating a mysterious and edgy sound before the track takes off with chunky kicks and bright crispy hats. A rumbling bass takes over and we find ourselves totally locked on to the solid prog groove. As the layers build we’re hypnotised by the sound making this a sure fire weapon for the floors.

Widely regarded as a top class artist by a panel of peers across the globe, Manu Riga steps up to the remix desk with his Darkside Remix. A hugely talented and gifted artist, Adriaan Baussens has dedicated himself to music for a great number of years, this has resulted in countless tracks and remixes that continue to garner support for this Belgian native. The last year has been a tough one for this guy, but still he has managed to wow us with his works, and to top it all off he – along with Bonzai Progressive – will proudly present his much anticipated studio album, coming in around June 2016. We say thank you to Manu Riga, and in the meantime check out this superb remix. Taking a detour into the darker side of prog, Manu takes us along for the ride and right from the get go you can tell it’s gonna be epic. A swelling bass ebbs and flows as punchy kick drums are lined up against sharp hi hats. Manu’s sublime signature sound oozes out of the track as tight drums layer up into a solid rhythmic groove as the progressive elements evolve. On the break we get some cool synths alongside a deep sinister sounding vocal before crashing right back into full on mode. Another fine example of the diversity this guy can show and a definite must have track.

It’s been a while since we last saw Hady Tarek and we’re happy to see him back on remix duties here. His last outing was back in April 2015 with The Boat Effect which gained great support across the board. The remix intros with a classic styled thumping kick drum