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Forsaken EP

Bonzai Progressive BP5532016 23 May, 2016

Having appeared on several of our compilations over the years, Stan Kolev marks his full Bonzai Progressive debut with the superb three tracker Forsaken EP. Since 2005 this guy has been dishing out top quality cuts on many top labels. Everything from progressive house, deep house and tech house has been covered. In recent times he has shown up on our own compilations including Club Traxx – Progressive House 13, 15 and 16. No doubt we’ll be seeing more from this guy in the future.

Forsaken is up first and comes in two flavours, the Original Mix and the Instrumental. Both offer up a solid slice of techno with the Instrumental made available or those that want to lose the sparse vocals. Right from the off you find yourself locked into a powerful techno groove that is made up of thumping kicks, bright hats and a superb deep and lush bassline that drives the groove beautifully. In the background a series of almost industrialised clangy FX set the tone and deliver a tough edge to the sound. The sinister vocal adds cool texture to the sound and works perfectly against the backdrop of a stunning techno groove. Simply awesome.

Mauve intros with a cool stuttering bass sound alongside a subdued kick drum with crisp hats and sharp claps riding alongside. Percussive layers start to build and a solid rhythm ensues as the kick drum gets beefed up into a powerful pounding punch. Cool FX fill in the spaces and create a colourful multi layered sound with a super tight arrangement. Sweeping vocal sounds make their presence know from time to time as we are drawn deeper into the groove. A somewhat minimalist approach to progressive that will most definitely beef up any set, no doubt.