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For My Love

Bonzai Progressive BP5732016 8 August, 2016

The impressive Dofamine returns to Bonzai Progressive with another serving of top notch progressive beats. For My Love is topped off with three stand out remixes from Blufeld, Audio Noir and Jakhira and is a definite must have track for your progressive house arsenal.

Swirling pads and subtle percussions provide the intro on the Original Mix creating a rich atmospheric vibe. Chunky kick drums come through and take over delivering a nice solid warm punch. You feel yourself drawn to the groove as those pads get stuck in your head while a superb deep bassline bubbles up from the depths. A calming melody descends on the sound as that probing bass cuts through the mids and high frequencies. A track with many sides, this one breeds intensity and serenity all in one epic take, brilliant stuff.

Blufeld turns up for remix duty with his Intoxicating Remix, and once again we are blown away with his sound. Blufeld’s craftsmanship in making music is second to none, he calls on years of experience in electronic music and is able to turn his hand to many styles. Always a pleasure to have his work drop into the office. The remix opens with a pulsing percussion and sublime pad before a monster kick drum crashes in to dominate and drive the track on its progressive course. As the pads create beautiful melodies a fantastic energy driven bassline weaves its way through the sound creating a wonderfully contrasted sound with hints of trance. The break throws up a stunning breaks sequence against a wall of perfectly tweaked sounds before we’re slammed right back into full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Audio Noir returns on remix duties with Another Audio Noir Trip. One of the hardest working artists around, this guy puts his heart and soul into all he produces. Over the last number of years he has become synonymous with mashing many genres and styles of music into well polished progressive constructions. On top of this he delves into breaks and wonderful atmospheric sounds. Great to have him on board as always. This Trip begins with a punchy kick drum and a nice reverbed snare while cool percussions start to form up into a steady rhythmic flow. Dark synth chords come into play and set the mood alongside surreal pads. The chords and pads generate a brilliant intense atmosphere charged with expertly crafted melodies as a deep probing bass hypnotizes throughout sitting perfectly within the groove. Mesmeric vocals ring out and add a beautiful colourful texture to the sound. Yet again we’re treated to some simply awesome sounds from Audio Noir, enjoy this trip.

Jakhira is a popular name around the scene and this is down to the pure quality of his productions and the fact that he’s a nice guy also, but mainly for his outstanding contribution to progressive in general. His productions regularly feature in many sets and have been peaking on charts at top download portals all over the net. Here he delivers his Unconditional Mix and proves once more just what a top notch artist he is. The remix intros with a nice chunky kick and crispy hi hat combo before being joined by some very cool percussions and a warming pad that creates a deep and smooth groove. A meandering