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Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-03-27

Catalog number: BP6322017

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Flashback (Original Mix)
Force Field (Original Mix)

Scottish DJ and producer Mendexx delivers another superb progressive two tracker entitled Flashback which comes fresh off the back of his last effort on remix duties for Cryss’ Simple Pleasure. We never tire of this guys sound, he brings a cool dynamic to the table which translates brilliantly on the floors. His warm tones are full of richness and subtle melodies which give him a unique slot in the music world. Always a pleasure to get his music through the inbox.

Flashback draws you in right from the off with an alluring vocal that peeks out from behind a nice chunky kickdrum. A probing bass shows up alongside loose hi hats creating a cool clubby vibe. Swirling FX add an extra layer to the ambience as melodic arps tinkle in the distance. The vocal remains a constant, mesmerizing force and blends perfectly with the simple synth melody. A nice and warm track that will set the mood for an endearing progressive set.

Force Field opens with punchy kick drum and a deep penetrating bassline that sets the track up nicely on its progressive journey. Soft open hi hats are matched with rhythmic percussions and a cool vocal as the bassline hypnotizes. Subtle melodies come through and add to the already warming glow from the track. A more prominent synth emerges in the latter stages to give the track a cool contrast. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.




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