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Fires In The Sky

Bonzai Progressive BP7182017 18 December, 2017

Belgian music maestro Adriaan Baussens aka Manu Riga delivers another superb slice in the form of the two tracker Fires In The Sky. Manu Riga continues to refine his sound, taking his distinct progressive style on a more melodic techno journey, the results are simply stunning. This one follows his last stunning slice alongside John M with Trying Harder which gained great support from across the board. Outside of production Manu hosts his monthly radioshow – Escape – on Progressive Beats giving us a taste of his impeccable track selection and DJing skills. Always a pleasure to have his new work drop into the mailbox and we hope to see more soon.

Manu Riga sets the tone for Fires In The Sky with a thumping kick drum matched with cool hi hats and a thunderous bass effect. This one goes deep with an infectious melodic theme dished out by beautifully constructed arpeggios that stand in contrast to the cacophony of low frequency sounds. The movement within the track is sublime with expertly crafted LFO’s at the centre and carefully modulated analogue synths adding extra weight. A bold new direction with a hybrid vibe that will appeal to many, a definite must have that will not disappoint.

Taken from the Latin: light and dark, Lux Et Obscura is another defining moment in the musical journey for Manu Riga. With a much darker vibe than ever before we’re drawn deep into this solid groover. Right from the off we’re hooked courtesy of beautifully crafted kicks that leave a nice low end trail that connects smoothly with the next hit. Minimal percussions provide a steady rhythmic flow and on the first break we get a taste of what this track is all about. Darkly sinister voices lead us into a sublime sequence filled with wonderfully constructed Moog style synths that evolve right before our ears. Perfectly executed LFO triggers and filters on the synths deliver the darkness which is matched by surreal melodies. A stunning display of progressive techno that is a definite must have.