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    Find Yourself

    Find Yourself

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2020-06-29

    Catalog number: BP9502020

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    Find Yourself (Original Mix)
    Katarina Dariy
    Find Yourself (Andrew Cash Remix)
    Andrew Cash, Katarina Dariy
    Find Yourself (Original Dub Mix)
    Katarina Dariy

    Katarina Dariy joins us at Bonzai Progressive with her debut track titled Find Yourself. Katarina is an emerging deep house and melodic techno DJ, producer from Kiev, currently based in Antwerp. Being raised in a family of musicians, there was almost no chance for her not to follow her musical feeling. Guitar, piano, drums, and singing have all accompanied her throughout her nomadic life. Katarina’s interest in electronic music has its roots back in her teenage years, when rave culture in Kiev had only just started taking form as we now know it. But her aspirations became more tangible after moving to Antwerp. Her apartment was located close to the legendary club Cafe de Anvers, which gave her access to weekly inspiration from top artists. She started pursuing her DJ career in Antwerp clubs like Vaag and Flat-A, which resulted in her being invited to showcase her talents in Amsterdam, Ibiza, and Mykonos. Her decision to follow Electronic music production and audio engineering course at SAE institute Brussels led her to ghost producing. Guided by her Ukrainian heritage and freewheeling Ibiza spirit, she gives intense and electrifying experiences.

    The Original Mix hones in on a smooth and hypnotic progressive flow. A flurry of rhythmic percussions leads the way alongside a strong kick drum and rolling bassline sequence. A raspy voice appears, generating an emotive response while note changes on the bass enhance that emotional feeling. The mood continues to evolve with the introduction of striking synths that slice through the lower frequencies with ease, accompanying the vocal perfectly. A superb slice that will not disappoint.

    Andrew Cash returns to BP with a solid remix, fresh off the back of his last release on Piston Recordings, alongside Fanizza and their Loving You EP. Andrew has gathered an impressive following over the years with his consistent output of quality and varied styled productions. He’s an artist that seems to have the ability to turn his hand to many styles of electronic music whilst his consistency, and presence always remain at the forefront. He is well Known for being the man behind the Sunlight Project Music and Qualystomusic (with Fausto Fanizza). His music is championed by a host of top artists around the world and he is also the man behind the label Sunlight Tunes. On the remix here, Andrew beefs up the sound, with a more in-your-face approach. Big chunky kick drums and prominently probing basses dominate as the sublime vocal weaves through the groove. Beautifully infectious synths, thundering stabs and a solid rhythm are the pe4rfect ingredients to keep the crowd moving, not to be missed.

    The Original Dub Mix strips out the main vocal, leaving choppy remnants in please for a more surreal effect. The track carries the same hypnotic prowess and emotional response as the original and is a definite must have for those that don’t want to have a purely instrumental experience.




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