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Feel The Melody

Feel The Melody

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-05-01

Catalog number: PR2017310

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Feel The Melody (Original Mix)
Quicker Balance
Ghetto (Original Mix)
Quicker Balance

Slovenian DJing duo Quicker Balance mark their Piston Recordings debut with the fantastic two tracker Feel The Melody. This talented pair have a passion for music and are still experimenting with different styles and concepts. Theyive always admired other artists, shown great respect for their music and the dedication their peers put into writing music. Their style is diverse to say the least, itis a mixture of raw beats, influenced by soul, jazz and funk. Listening to their music will put you in many places within your mind, we like to envisage a sun soaked terrace with a cool drink and a partying crowd. Great to have them on board and we hope to see more soon.

Feel The Melody fades into existence as the kicks rise to their maximum punch level alongside snappy claps and a super crispy hi hat. Warm chords grace the sound before a fantastic retro vocal phrase comes through which will most definitely pique the interest of veteran clubbers and new hedonists alike. A deep throbbing bassline shores up the low end as tight beats dish out a solid rhythmic groove and, all the while that hugely recognisable vocal shines through. This one is destined to destroy the floors, not to be missed.

Ghetto intros with a chunky kick drum and metallic offset hat combo alongside sharp claps and cool snare patterns, perfect ingredients to get the party started. Deep mind-bending chords fade through and deliver us into the realms of deep house grooves with ease. While we’re in the recesses of house we’re bombarded with a powerful sub bass that will give the bassbins a bit of work to do. The track breaks to reveal a mixture of vocals as those chords continue to lurk before a short build up gets us back into full on mode. Top notch stuff.




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