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Fear & Run EP

Bonzai Progressive BP9302020 13 April, 2020

St. Petersburg based DJ, producer Something Else debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Fear & Run EP. A relative newcomer on the scene, he has already gained recognition thanks to the quality sounds he puts out and the dynamic sets he weaves. His first ever track, Guitar Healer, proved popular in Belgium, releasing through Kolombo – Lou Lou Records. His tracks have been and continue to be supported around the world and he is racking up quite an impressive back catalogue. Delighted to have him on board, and we hope to hear more from him soon.

Fear opens with a collection of percussions that form into a cohesive, rhythmic pattern, before being joined by chunky kicks and classic style club stabs. The detail in the drum patterns shines as each sound lands perfectly to present that seemingly chaotic sequence. Musical elements begin to fade in, taking us to the break where swelling synths stack up alongside plucky melodies. Rising effect takes us to the drop where a deep vocal heralds in the beats and that special club sound. Top-notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Run intros with a gated bass which evolves into a powerful, driving force in the groove. Subtle hi strings join in, adding a spacious vibe to the sound, while tight beats and shuffling percussions work the rhythm. An intensity creeps into the groove and on the break, this tension swells before building up and climaxing back to the main track for the duration. A solid cut and a must have.