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Farewell Inti EP

Bonzai Progressive BP62222017 20 February, 2017

Bolivian DJ and producer Jose Henry aka JoC H returns to Bonzai Progressive and is joined by fellow countryman Paul Jove on their Farewell Inti EP. This one marks Jose’s third outing on BP and is another fine example of his top notch quality vibes. His last effort here was back in 2016 with Memento EP which gained great support across the board. Audio and visual artist Paul Jove debuts on BP bringing his unique style to the table. Music has been a constant in his life and has brought him into contact with many genres and styles. In 2001 he got hooked on DJing and this solidified his passion for electronic music. A fine partnership doing their homeland proud and who certainly knows how to get the grooves flowing.

Farewell Inti sets out with a nice punchy kick drum alongside crispy hi hats, sharp claps and an array of shuffling percussions. We’re teased with subtle references to the bass before mercy is shown and the bassline comes through in all its lush glory. Swirling pads create eerie melodies as that bassline probes its way into your soul. The break dishes out more of the subtle melodies creating a wonderful atmosphere before the chunky basses and rhythmic drums come back for the duration. A top notch slice no doubt.

The Flow Of Let Go boasts a fantastic arrangement made up of intricate drums and some very cool FX and basses. An intensity creeps into the track as the layers build with anticipation taking over as we wait for the bass to burst free. Subtle arpeggio’s rise and fall alongside cool synths while the bass meanders through the sound beautifully. The break dishes out some brilliant synths that are tweaked to perfection resulting in a wall of sound that crashes back into the main groove for the duration. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.