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Far From Home

Bonzai Progressive BP5062015 30 November, 2015

  • Far From Home feat. Jimmie Westwood (Audio Noir Rekonstruction)

    Audio Noir, Jimmie Westwood

  • Far From Home feat. Jimmie Westwood (Airwave Remix)

    Airwave, Audio Noir, Jimmie Westwood

  • Far From Home feat. Jimmie Westwood (Crocy Remix)

    Audio Noir, Crocy, Jimmie Westwood

Taken from his second studio album Artificial Star and featuring a superb vocal from Jimmie Westwood, Audio Noir’s Far From Home gets the remix treatment delivering three very different takes on the original.

Audio Noir’s Rekonstruction intros with a cool 80’s electro styled drum arrangement which delivers a dancey feel to the sound. The drums are the big focus here and are soon joined by equally cool percussions that etch out smooth rhythms throughout. Swirling pads offer up a sweet melodic sequence that fizzles out to be replaced by a heavy hitting gritty bass workout that totally transforms the sound. That gritty bass twists and morphs with an underlying acid tone and sits snuggly with the raspy vocal from Jimmie to the backdrop of some seriously shuffling hi hats and stuttering perc hits. Top notch stuff that will appeal to many for sure.

The legend that is Airwave takes on remix duties on Audio Noir’s Far From Home and delivers another slice of pure progressive breaks that will get any venue to fever pitch. Airwave continues to enjoy a hectic schedule as an artist and DJ with gigs taking him all over the world. How he still finds the time to produce top quality sounds we will never know, but one thing we do know is he never disappoints. His recent showing on Bonzai & Friends 500 with the exclusive Vega Shining, was a most welcome surprise for his army of fans and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more from this guy in the future. On the remix he takes us on an exciting journey that raises the energy levels with that solid breaks arrangement complete with a chunky kick and super cool snares that add a lot of character to the sound. The drums evolve throughout the track with little nuanced beats cropping up here and there while a wonderfully low bass resonates all around. Simple and highly effective short guitar riffs get the musical side flowing alongside Jimmie’s New Order-esque vocal delivery. The verses of the song ride along so smoothly and melt into the sound while the chorus winds up into a brilliant climactic event. Top notch from Laurent yet again, not to be missed.

Bonzai stalwart Crocy shows up on remix duty with a fantastic progressive workout that will light up the floors no doubt. His last outing gave us a brilliant remix on Matan Caspi & Roy Lebens’ Klubnichka as well as an exclusive track for Bonzai & Friends 500 entitled Bedroom Stories. The remix intros with a solid kickdrum that pounds out a nice big chunky beat. Warm synths start to fade in and are soon joined by a rhythmic percussion section that gets the feet moving toward the floor. A phat probing bass comes at us in various layers resulting in a deep driving bassline that really ramps up the energy on the track. Short vocal snippets creep through as the lead synth delivers an electrifying groove. Excellent stuff yet again from Crocy that will be a welcome addition in any set.