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    Exos Lucius EP

    Exos Lucius EP

    Label: Piston Recordings

    Release date: 2016-03-14

    Catalog number: PR2016201

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    Gardon (Original Mix)
    Marco Madia
    Rodeo Amaro (Original Mix)
    Marco Madia
    Exos Lucius (Original Mix)
    Marco Madia

    Marco Madia is back at Piston with this superb three tracker entitled Exos Lusius EP. His last outing was back in April 2015 with Sugar Lift EP and no doubt he’ll be cranking up the deep grooves once more on this newest slice.

    Gardon intros dripping with a deep house groove that gets right under your skin instantly. A deep penetrating bass tone ebbs and flows as punchy kicks and bright crispy hats settle into a cool dancey rhythm. The intensity builds on the lower frequencies while more mid range sounds come through creating a very interesting dynamic. In the background a tight drum arrangement keeps the rhythm flowing as those wandering synths do their thing. A wonderfully crafted slice of deepness that will be a welcome addition in any jocks box.

    Rodeo Amaro sets off with a cool chunky kick drum alongside a subtle percussion arrangement with a probing bass that fades in from the depths. Bright crispy hats enhance the sound and get the rhythm moving nicely. A solid tech house groove ensues as surreal strings are introduced to the sound resulting in a definite must have track to keep the floors burning into the small hours.

    The title track, Exos Lucius, rounds up this EP and delivers a truly deep and grooving house sound right from the off. Deep basses form dominate the intro as cool percussions fade up and a solid punchy kick comes through. The track definitely gets its groove on with a little help from those tight drums and shuffling percussions. Swirling pads and warm chords fill up the sound and takes us deeper into the groove. A wonderfully crafted slice that will turn a few heads for sure.




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