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Everybody Loves The Sunshine EP

Everybody Loves The Sunshine EP

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-12-04

Catalog number: PR2017368

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Everybody Loves The Sunshine feat. Jaair (Original Mix)
Luis Ormeño, Jaair
So Good (Original Mix)
Luis Ormeño

Luis Ormeno joins forces with Jaair for their debut on Piston Recordings with the deliciously smooth Everybody Loves The Sunshine EP. 18 year old Luis is studying Music business, production and musical composition at Music College Peru and we think you’ll agree that he has certainly got an amazing talent that will definitely turn a few heads.

Luis brings Jaair on board for Everybody Loves The Sunshine which is a super smooth and creamy deep house joint that will get the floors warmed up nicely. A steady mid-tempo beat leads the way as dreamy notes lift the spirits. A warming guitar strum melts into the sound beautifully creating sweet melodies with a little help from the smooth keys. On the low end a subtle bassline keeps the groove flowing making this a definite must have cut to get the party started.

Luis goes solo on So Good which intros with cool percussions and a one shot vocal hit before a nice chunky beat joins in alongside a lush bassline. The bassline delivers a real nice and sultry groove that flows effortlessly making you move. The percussions are beautifully arranged for maximum rhythmic impact working magically with the bassline. A top notch mid-tempo cut that will definitely get the booty’s shaking on the floor.




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