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Bonzai Progressive BP8222019 4 February, 2019

Matan Caspi is at it again, he’s created yet another masterpiece for our listening pleasure in the form of Eunoia which comes with two excellent remixes. The last several years has seen Matan’s profile grow and grow, breaking into new ground with new fans coming thick and fast. This is all down to his dedication and the way he works his progressive grooves on the floors. He started experimenting with music when he a was little kid, playing the guitar and the keyboard, mostly thanks to his father who pushed him in that direction. He later played in some rock bands before finding electronic music somewhere in late 1999 after hearing a few tracks which really made him think that by producing it you are not dependant on other players and can compose the entire track by yourself. With constant practice on some music production programs he understood that this is what he wanted to do and this proved to be his calling as the many years of quality tracks will show.

The Original Mix is a real smooth and groovy progressive house mover with a fluid theme that both captivates and inspire. Dreamy pads and that pulsating bassline make for a mesmerizing trip while tight beats get the body moving. Tranquil arpeggios cascaded through the track and are joined by more robust synths later on. The contrast between the bright melodies and the harsher, deeper sounds is simply beautiful and will not disappoint.

Koschk returns for another bite at remix duties and once again we’re blown away by the sheer talent this guy possesses. Vince always shows up, delivering the quality we’ve come to expect from him. His release count for us is hugely impressive and he has a great presence on other labels and the scene in general. Great to have him here once more, well, it always is. In true Koschk style we’re treated to wonderful trek into progressive, with a darker, more gritty tone than usual. The bassline chugs along effortlessly as a cacophony of drums and percussions get the rhythm flowing. Various styles of synth layer up to deliver that killer sound which blends beautifully with hypnotic arpeggios and that surprising vocal. A beauty of a track, not to be missed.

Jakarta based DJ and producer Lily Pita is back at Bonzai Progressive with a solid remix which follows her equally solid In A Heart Beat from just a few months ago. Since 1999 Lily Pita has been spreading the love for dance music to the crowds around Indonesia, Europe and Canada. Lily lived for clubbing before she began to develop her passion for DJing. Since then she has been performing at an impressive number of prestigious clubs. Nice to have her back. On the remix here, Lily delivers the goods once again. Starting out with tight beats leading up to a short break where the warmest of deep bass comes through alongside contrasting arps. The break displays a wealth of layered sounds that culminate in a distinctly dream-like vibe that will resonate well in any set builder.