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Enigma EP

Enigma EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-02-25

Catalog number: BP8272019

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Enigma (Original Mix)
Time Traveler (Original Mix)

Pilato returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Enigma EP. This one follows Emerald Tablet in which he collaborated alongside Youssif. Born and raised in South Florida, Pilato is a self-taught progressive house producer.?Originally starting music in the techno scene, he decided his sound best lent itself to progressive house. His work has already appeared on well-respected labels such as Balkan Connection, Natura Viva, and Kaleydo Beats. His passion as a DJ and perfectionist propelled him to create a unique dynamic sound that tells a story which is distinctive and rare. Great to have him back for more.

Enigma is a wonderfully lush slice of progressive house filled with enchanting voices and subtle melodies. A solid groove is constructed around tight beats alongside a deep pulsating bassline. Soft voices melt effortlessly into the groove striking a contrast with the deeper elements. A hypnotic synth line lies in wait, teasing us with open and closed filtering. With a minimal approach, Pilato has managed to take us on an epic trek that does not disappoint.

Time Traveller intros with a nice chunky beat and shuffling hi hat combo. The track builds nicely with a rumbling bassline providing the platform for the groove to evolve. Sharp arpeggio notes cascade through the sound as synth stabs create a darker vibe. On the break a melodious sequence captures the imagination as rolling drums take us to the climax and back into full on mode. Top notch stuff and an absolute must have.




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