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    Emerald Queen

    Emerald Queen

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2016-03-14

    Catalog number: BP5362016

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    Emerald Queen (Original Mix)
    Christopher Hermann
    Emerald Queen (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
    Robert R. Hardy, Christopher Hermann

    Christopher Hermann returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Emerald Queen which features the original and a top notch remix from Robert R Hardy. It’s been just over a year since we last saw Christopher when he debuted with the very well received Point G. He did show up on various compilations in the meantime though. Great to see him back and we hope to hear more from him in the coming months.

    The Original Mix intros with a nice well rounded punchy kick drum and some subtle percussions that build up slowly into a cool shuffling rhythm. A monstrous, deep droning bass comes through and dominates the sound as soft synth pads and chords form up. A mystical vibe descends upon the sound alongside some beautifully crafted vocals that add a rich flavour to the groove. The break is a cacophony of strings and pads that blend effortlessly creating a wonderfully textured sequence. A truly deep and mesmerizing trek into prog that is not to be missed.

    Having provided quality cuts for our Afterhour Trax compilations, Hungarian DJ and producer Reis Robert aka Robert R. Hardy and D.M.P shows up on remix duty and gives us a taste of his own progressive sound. Over the last couple of years this guy has brought some quality vibes to various labels including Mistique Music, Suffused Music and Clinique Recordings to name just a few and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more from this talented artist. The remix sets off with a cool upbeat kinda vibe a chunky kicks are met with a tight drum arrangement that dishes out a tribal rhythm to get the dancing feet moving towards the floor. A deep, lush bassline comes through as sweeping synths float across the sound and we find ourselves getting locked on for the ride. On the break we get treated to a beautifully surreal sequence before we are slammed back into full on mode. One to watch here, a definite must for any prog set.




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