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Bonzai Progressive BP9212020 2 March, 2020

Spanish artist John May debuts with us at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Electromagnetik which features a top-notch remix from two of our very own heavy-hitters, Manu Riga and Phi Phi. Highly influenced by the Synth-pop of the 80s and the melodic electronics of the 90s, he has spent over 18 years composing for himself and for others, producing remixes, creating projects within the different genres of electronic commercial as well as underground and club sound. By the year 2002 he had a number one on the dance floors of Spain alongside J. Puentes and their duo Pro-Active. He then got more into house music, producing for Vince Magnata and remixing various artists from the USA. More recently he found himself getting into the Progressive and Techno scene, with deeper melodies and more underground groove. We’re delighted to have him on board.

The Original Mix is a fresh, rhythmic mover with a tight drum section leading the way alongside a solid, plucky bassline. Soft, whispered voices add intrigue as the track builds, they join strong FX and a cascading arps. Spacey pads heighten the atmosphere as the tension rises before we head to the break where the powerful spoken vocal takes over to the backdrop of tense pads and strings. After the climax, we get straight back down to full-on mode for the duration, making this one a definite must for the livelier floors.

We welcome the ever-popular dynamic duo, Manu Riga & Phi Phi, back to Bonzai Progressive with their solid remix. The guys are back, fresh from their last outing here with Voyage A Goa, which proved a hit among many. Never waning on the quality front, Adriaan and Philippe always impress. Both are considered veterans with a wealth of experience in studio and performing to crowds. Over the years we have witnessed a plethora of top tracks from them as solo artists and through collaborations. This hook up marks their third studio encounter and we hope to see much more in the future. The guys waste no time in getting right down to business with a chunky kick drum, shuffling hats and a sonically charged bassline. Cinematic FX litter the sound as the groove builds into an epic chugger with a dystopian edge. Hypnotic arpeggios claw through the murk, providing contrast and melody as the darker elements thrive. Cool, spoken vocal adds weight to this infectious slice that does not disappoint.