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Ei A Ei

Ei A Ei

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2015-05-04

Catalog number: BP4452015

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Ei A Ei (Original Mix)
Undercover Obsession (Original Mix)

Ametron aka Athens based DJ and producer Tigran Mkrtchian debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the sublime two track Ei A Ei. Tigran played in rock bands in the 90’s as a teenager before moving on to experiment with electronic sounds. In 2005 he was co-founder of the party crew Psyacoustics who organised lots of events and played alongside some of the worlds to psychedelic artists. His musical background has enabled him to continue his journey and produce many different styles. In 2011 he released the compilation, Landing on Neurotrance Records. These days he works as a physiotherapist and spends all his free time experimenting with music with some great results. A highly talented artist no doubt, we’re glad to have him on board.

Ei A Ei intros with a throbbing sub bass that will have the bassbins quaking. A nice thumping kick is introduced and gives the track a real deep and almost psy feel. That bassline levels out into a full on driving monster and carries a lot of psy elements while keeping firmly in the deep, dark progressive sphere. A myriad of sounds converge on the track and create cool layered textures throughout. Articulate short synth stabs litter the groove and lead the way as the track gathers pace on its epic journey. Acid lines, cool vocals, driving rhythms and more, this track has it all and you do not want to miss this one.

Undercover Obsession intros with a strange mixture of blips, detuned notes and a pulsing bass sound. A chunky kick comes through and brings order with its pounding dominance as darkly sinister pads fill out the background. A proper deep low end bass sits perfectly as a much sharper raw bass gets the groove into full flow. The break delves deeper as the sinister element intensifies with some harsh synths and that constant, hypnotizing bass which fades off to leave a subtle melody and gritty sounds in its wake. Definitely a late night thumper here, top notch stuff.




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