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Eclipse EP

Eclipse EP

Label: Green Martian

Release date: 2017-06-26

Catalog number: GM2017300

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Eclipse (Original Mix)
Radiate (Original Mix)

Broox.E aka Dylan Brooks debuts on Green Martian with outstanding two track Eclipse EP. Regarded as a hidden gem of the underground scene in Sydney. He is polishing a unique sound thatis brought his sets to festivals, clubs, warehouses and boat parties throughout Australia.+His progressive style is influenced by a wide range of percussive and melodic driven sounds mostly aspired from the continual guidance of world class producer and mentor Dan Sieg.+He has received prominent global support on his releases from the likes of Solarstone, Kyau & Albert, Blake Jarrell, Shingo Nakamura, Max Flyant, Paul Vinitsky and Anna Lee. His experience behind the decks has also let him open for a number of international DJis including Jaytech, Denis Shepherd, Coming Soon, Ace Ventura, Fender Bender, Ryanosaurus and Mandragora as well as playing an AnjunaBeats Pre-Party for Above & Beyond’s ABGT 150. We’re delighted to have him on board at we hope to see more soon.

First up we have the beautifully arranged Eclipse which delivers a solid, driving progressive groove right from the off. Nice, chunky kick drums and a shuffling hi hat pattern dish out a cool rhythmic flow while deep bubbling basses lurk in the low end. The big focus here has got to be those scathing, acidic synths as they draw us deeper into the groove. Subtle melodies reside here, enough to keep us coming back for more. A timeless piece that will be around for a long while no doubt, top notch stuff.

Radiate intros with punchy kick drum and a mixture of subtle percussions and a fading in pad. A deep, multi-layered raucous bassline bursts through and drives the track on its progressive journey. Acid style synths weave their way through the sound before a softer more melodic synth takes over on the break leading to a superb climax that slams us back into full on mode for the duration. Excellent stuff that will not disappoint.




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