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Bonzai Progressive BP9142020 10 February, 2020

One of our stalwarts here at Bonzai Progressive, AudioStorm, returns with the fantastic Echolocation. Hi Last outing here was on remix duties for Theus’ Get Away. From his early childhood he was fascinated by music. He enjoyed its energy and beauty and it was that which made him decide to follow a career in electronic music. By the beginning of the 90s, as grunge rock took over, he turned his attention towards the pioneering electronic bands of the burgeoning underground dance scene and in particular the music that was coming from Goa, India. Psy-Trance, as it became known, was for AudioStorm a diverse, forward thinking, adventurous mix of eastern and western cultures and new and older sounds.

Echolocation is a beautifully constructed slice, warm bass swells and exotic percussions deliver a smooth, free-flowing groove. Grittier sounds provide a contrast as well as sweeping FX that create a dynamic vibe throughout. As the track settles in to the groove, a steady, warm bass pattern emerges, taking us deeper into the sound. The brighter and darker elements combine effortlessly, making this an absolute must have.

Radio Underground opens with intertwining arps that are joined by a rising pad which creates anticipation. A steady rhythmic flow is delivered by solid kicks and shuffling percussions while distorted, radio frequencies are fashioned into quality FX. A deep probing bassline keeps the low end active as those melodic arps cascade. A pleasurable groove with a well-rounded vibe that will not disappoint.