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Earth Or Heaven

Earth Or Heaven

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-09-16

Catalog number: BP8762019

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Earth Or Heaven feat. Bnny (Original Mix)
Mad Boss, Moodigliani, Bnny
Earth Or Heaven feat. Bnny (Dark Mix)
Mad Boss, Moodigliani, Bnny

Our next Bonzai Progressive release features a debut from a host of artists who’ve come together to deliver a top-notch collaboration for the two tracker Earth Or Heaven. Moodigliani, Mad Boss and Bnny join forces to bring a wealth of experience to the table. Moodigliani are producer, DJ duo Fiorenzo D’amore aka DaSouL and Antonio D’Amato aka Tatonka. Mad Boss are Antonio D’Amato, Dario Paltanin and Maurizio Brusadelli. All artists have gained a solid rep in their respective fields, be that tech-house, techno, deep house and progressive house, these guys have been involved in all in some way over the last number of years. They all boast impressive release counts on several quality labels and appear regularly at exclusive parties and events. We would need a whole lot of web-space to go into detail about this group, but instead we’re gonna let the music do the talking.

The Original Mix delivers a superb, cinematic, groovy slice of progressive house. A nice chunky kick drum leads the way alongside soft hi hats and subtle percussions. Deep droning basses stack up against a hypnotic offset bass and swirling, cosmic pads as a wonderful spoken word narrative leads us deeper into the groove as the musical elements continue to captivate. The track is polished off with some cool blips and bleeps that are laced with FX creating a rich textured slice and one that is a definite must have.

The Dark Mix takes us on a deeper path as the title of the mix suggests. This interpretation of the original goes far beyond the realms of progressive house, leading us to a surreal analogue utopia. A strong drum section provides a solid platform for the distinct analogue style basses and synth stabs to shine. Rhythmic percussions deliver a tribal vibe as buzzing synths invade the space. The spoken vocal from the original is minimised here but does not take away from the authenticity. Top-notch stuff that will not disappoint.




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