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Dr. Smoov

Bonzai Progressive BP7762018 30 July, 2018

DJ Twisty & Andron One aka Enertia-Sound make their Bonzai Progressive debut with the excellent two tracker titled Dr. Smoov. This electronic music act and DJ duo from England, started out as a psychedelic trance project in 2007. They soon made a name for themselves playing in underground raves and psy trance parties called Tantric Resonator as well as Bleeps, Tweaks and Dirty Beats. Since then they have grown into a punchy mix of dance floor psy and breaks. Their music has strong influences from psy and prog house to breaks with driving funky rhythms, rough bass lines, epic melody structures and cinematic build-ups. Great to have them on board.

Dr, Smoov opens with a very nice drum arrangement that will get the toes tapping. Swirling pads and a haunting voice fly overhead as sweet melodic high notes join in. The captivating blend of rolling drums and that solid, probing bassline delivers the perfect combo for the floors. On the break we are led deeper into the groove with hair-raising vocals and deep drones before a super tight breaks section springs up along with crunchy, squelchy basses which takes us on a trip for sure. The track gets back to full on mode after the tailored break making this one an absolute must have.

Photonic Filter delivers a more upfront progressive groover thanks to nice punchy kicks and rhythmic percussions arrangement. Sweet voices linger as gated synths start to fade in, creating anticipation. On the low end a rolling bassline dances effortlessly with playful notes and is complimented by psy influenced FX and synths. Throughout the track a soft yet powerful melody hangs in the background, drawing our attention and adding to the depth and structure of the groove. A solid effort here that bridges the gap between progressive and psy beautifully, not to be missed.