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Double Jay

Bonzai Progressive BP5942016 24 October, 2016

John Lead aka Lisbon, Portugal based DJ and producer Joao Apell marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with the superb Double Jay and comes backed up with a fantastic remix from Manu Riga. John Lead has been churning out quality cuts for a number of years now and his style is not restricted to any one genre. His goal is to be innovative and combine different musical elements for a unique sound every time. A strong passion for music gives Joao the drive to pursue music as he does now. His music takes us on a journey, telling a story along the way and drawing out many emotions from the listener. Great to have him on board and we certainly hope to see more soon.

The Original Mix intros with a wonderful warm synth pad that sets the scene for this one perfectly as we embark on a mesmeric journey filled with all the wonders of electronica. A steady flow of solid beats dish out a smooth rhythm over a meandering bassline that delivers a laidback groove. The big hitter here though are the impeccable synths. Cascading arps and piercing synths in various shapes and sizes ring out that captivate the imagination with subtle melodics and powerful note changes. A superb cut that is definitely not to be missed.

The ever present Manu Riga delights with another one of his sublime remixes with its groovy beat and surreal, mystical sound. As with previous remixes and originals, Manu Riga never lets up on the quality front and even though his style has changed to be directed more towards the dance floors this is even more true. Good things continue for Manu Riga in 2016, a new EP – Unstoppable (October)as well as numerous remixes and future original material are all still in the pipeline. His craftsmanship is still very much revered by his peers and he remains an inspiration to artists and music fans alike. His radioshow Escape continues to gather pace delivering the very best sounds every month on Progressive Beats. Stay tuned for more, there’s plenty to come. The remix here intros with a solid kick drum to get things moving as warm basses start to fade up alongside cool arpeggio sequences. As we are lured into the deep prog vibe, sweeping accordion pads add wonderful textures on top of the infectious groove. The break throws up some very nice vocals giving the track a lot of character and depth. An absolute stomper once again from this guy that will sit perfectly in any set.