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Don’t Let Go

Don’t Let Go

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-09-18

Catalog number: BP6902017

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Don't Let Go feat. Miss T (Original Mix)
Mariner, Miss T
Don't Let Go feat. Miss T (Chris Domingo & Miss T Remix)
Chris Domingo, Mariner, Miss T

Mariner joins forces with Miss T to deliver the superb Don’t Let Go which comes with a solid remix from Chris Domingo & Miss T. Mariner aka Jay Roebuck began as a hip-hop, experimental producer in the early 90is. Having been exposed to house music at The Edge n Jacksonville, he immediately fell in love with the vibe, the sound, and the unity that the house scene provided. While performing at a warehouse party in Jacksonville under the name Aquanauts, he was discovered by DJ Rob-E and invited to meet with KRAM Records in Orlando. Mariner was signed as an artist and began working as the labels primary studio engineer and co-producer all the time writing tracks that would be featured on his ever-popular debut album Amphibian. Mariner has had a unique sound from day one. As his name suggests, he is heavily influenced by all things water. This fluid nature is ever present in his song structure and sound selection, incorporating wicked drum programming, memorable melodies, beautiful pads, and natural sound effects, Mariner has the ability to not only make everyone in house want to dance but also embrace the person next to them in unconditional love. Miss T is one half of the electronic music duo, Chris Domingo & Miss T, focusing on Deep House, Progressive, Electronic & Downtempo. She has also worked with Universal, Jive Records, Krucial Keys, Beluga Heights (JR Rotem), Carvin Haggins & Ivan Barias (Musiq Soulchild), Omen (EMO), O-Town, Rich Cronin, & Nas to name a few. She has been successful on the awards front having won the 2009 Dream Stream TV for Songwriter Winner and she was the first person ever to score a 100%% on the Pro Tools Expert Icon Certification. On the remix Chris Domingo joins forces with Miss T. He is a veteran of the house music movement, hailing originally from San Francisco, CA, USA, but truly making a name for himself in the Florida underground house and breakbeat club scene in the early 90s. As a DJ, music producer and mastering engineer, Chris Domingois influence can be heard on several popular record labels over the last 20 years, some of which include: Nervous, Nuevadeep, Majestic, Macarize, Bonzai, Fris!, Songbird, Platypus, Limbo, Global Trance Network, Loaded and Fluid. Chris Domingois remix, original compositions and mastering work may also be found on mainstream labels like Sony, Warner Brothers, Maverick, and Black Hole.

The Original Mix opens with a deep pulsing note against a backdrop of wavy sounds before a sweet melodic arpeggio comes through alongside a beautiful voice creating a euphoric quality. Punchy kick drums burst in with tight rhythmic percussions in tow while a deep probing bassline weaves through the sound. The track carries a rich Summer sound and on the break a magical vocal comes in to really lift the track to a higher level. Fantastic stuff that is not to be missed.

Chris Domingo & Miss T join up for the remix treatment on this one and together they have created something wonderful. Much deeper than the original and with a much more club orientated vibe. The track intros with cool percussive melodies before a nice chunky kick drum comes in alongside superb descending chord strikes. A robotic voice add great character to the sound before the main female vocal comes in to steal the show and provide a feel good factor. A truly hypnotic slice of deep progressive house that will most definitely not disappoint.




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