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Dome EP

Dome EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-10-28

Catalog number: BP8862019

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Dome (Original Mix)
Rafa Alcantara
No One (Original Mix)
Rafa Alcantara

Rafa returns to Bonzai Progressive with another fine slice of proggy goodness on Dome EP. This one follows his very well received Himalaya EP and the sublime remix for Platunoff’s Unbreakable. Also known as DJ Killer, Rafa is one of the most influential DJ’s in Spain having been instrumental in building the electronic music scene there. From the early 90’s he has been a constant presence on the local scene as well as playing on the world stage at top festivals and clubs. He co-founded Negritta Records in 2000 and quickly became noticed by the likes of Pete Tong who offered great support on BBC Radio 1. Always a pleasure having his latest efforts come though the office and out to the world.

Dome gives us a well-rounded progressive mover thanks to a tight arrangement filled with solid sounds. The bassline is perfectly constructed, shoring up the low-end, commanding the groove to deliver. Punchy kicks and shuffling hi hats are followed by rhythmic percussions for a steady cadence. Heavy synths wreak havoc as the filters open and close, leaving a gritty aftertaste and a tough presence. A definite must for the building set, not to be missed.

No One is a fine display of progressive house arrangement. Right from the off we’re locked in thanks to chunky kicks and slicing hi hats. Infectious arpeggios stack up as a deep, probing bassline warms the low-end. A rugged framework ensures a focused groove that is directed squarely at getting bodies on the floor. Strangely striking synths litter the groove adding a surreal touch. Hypnotic and captivating, this one is a must have.




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