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Do To Me EP

Do To Me EP

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-12-11

Catalog number: PR2017370

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Do To Me (Original Mix)
Bad Company (Original Mix)
Scorpio (Original Mix)

Monotronik are Portuguese DJ and producer duo Freddy Lourenzo and D’Joseph Alves and they return to Piston Recordings with the impressive three track slice Do To Me EP. Their last outing here – Subculture – was very well received indeed having landed on many charts and playlists. The pair DJ regularly all over the place and are known for their tight, groovy sets. They’ve put out several top quality cuts recently on Underground Source Records and Sync Forward, moving between tech house and deep house. Great to see them back once more.

Do To Me intros with a solid, punchy kick drum and a shuffling percussion arrangement. A series of ultra cool retro themed vocal one shots deliver a funky vibe to the track while a chunky bassline rattles the low end beautifully. More classic vocals come through and we find ourselves thoroughly locked on as memories come flooding back. The ultimate track to get the party rocking, a must have.

Bad Company is an absolute stomper of a track thanks to a pumping kick drum and bright crispy hi hat combi that is joined by a pulsing, reverberating bassline. The big hitter here though are the rave style stabs and the classic vocals, a bit of nostalgia is always a good thing. Get this one in your playlist, your crowd is gonna love it.

Scorpio intros with a muted kick and crispy hi hat before the kick drum gets an added thump to create a pounding beat. Cool percussions form up as the rhythm gets moving alongside a very cool vocal. A deep resonating bass dominates that will definitely give the bassbins a bit of work to do while on the break we find subtle, warm keys that add a bit of flavour to the groove. A stomping tech house joint that is not to be missed.




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