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Do It Again

Do It Again

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-09-04

Catalog number: PR2017344

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Do It Again (Original Mix)
Aitor Astiz
Believe In (Original Mix)
Aitor Astiz

Spanish DJ and producer Aitor Astiz debuts on Piston with the fantastic two track release entitled Do It Again. He got into music at the age of 6 and later he discovered electronica. Inspired by house music his productions delve into the old skool sound. With several quality releases under his belt already, you can be sure you’ll be seeing a lot more from this guy in the future.

Do It Again opens with a distinctive breaks pattern followed by a thumping kick drum and shuffling hi hat combi to get the floors moving. A short pause unleashes a retro style siren before a superb, deep probing bassline takes over. The bassline is complimented by cool stabs that bring the funk to the sound. On the main break a wailing diva belts out a solid club vocal which becomes highly infectious. Top notch stuff and a definite must have.

Believe In delivers a solid house cut complete with a tight drum section that is driven by a powerful kick drum and snappy snares. A deep rolling bassline lurks on the beat leaving a subby trail in its wake. Quirky synths add a surreal layer to the track while diva vocals ring out alongside cool one shots that beef up the groove nicely. A fine slice that will keep the floors rocking.




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