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Departure EP

Departure EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-04-01

Catalog number: BP8352019

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Departure (Original Mix)
South Wind
Lights Out (Original Mix)
South Wind

South Wind mark their Bonzai Progressive debut with the fantastic two track EP titled Departure. This project is made up by Serbian artists Mina and Bojan Stojilijkovic who have always had music as a part of their lives from they were very young. They formed a deep connection with a great chemistry which led to them getting into the studio, going on to release their first EP in late 2018. The guys are well-established in the psychedelic scene and they pride themselves on making music dedicated to love, understanding and cosmic balance with emotional atmospheres and dreamy melodies. Great to have them here at BP.

Departure is a sublime slice of progressive house featuring a dark groove with hair raising Ethnic style vocals. Chunky beats drive the track along with mesmerizing percussions and shuffling hi hats for that rhythmic touch. A powerful bassline resides at the core of the track, dominating the sound with authority. Subtle, melodic notes peek through the darker elements adding a little flair, but it’s that layered bass that really grabs attention. Get this one in your arsenal, you will not be disappointed.

Lights Out delivers a spacious groove with a superb deep, probing bassline with a funky twist. Tight beats and playful percussions weave intricate patterns into smooth rhythmic bliss. The main theme is delivered by a simple yet highly effective note sequence which is backed by sonically charged elongated notes creating a mesmerizing melody. Energetic risers spread through the track adding a dynamic edge making this an absolute must have for the late-night session.




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