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Bonzai Progressive BP6422017 1 May, 2017

Ricardo Piedra goes solo on our next Bonzai Progressive slice with the superb three tracker Della which offers up three distinctly different progressive grooves giving us plenty to choose from, or just choose all. Recently we saw him team up with Gabriel West on their Yellow Leaves cut at the start of this year which came not too long after their successful debut album – entitled Mission, in 2016. Ricardo has also enjoyed several releases on various other labels (usually with Gabriel) including Nervous Records, Stellar Fountain and Baroque to name just a few. He utilises his production skills with DJing to bring a unique live set that delivers deep and energetic sessions that always delight. No doubt we’ll be seeing more from this guy and his studio partner in the future.

Della gets the progressive party well underway with a beautifully crafted slice offering a mesmeric experience from start to finish. A solid drum section keeps the pace and the rhythm flowing as a deep rooted bassline powers the track ever deeper into prog. Expertly arranged melodies stream out of the track, from the bass note changes to the ethereal arpeggios and that stunningly euphoric vocal. Simply fantastic, a track not to be missed.

Wood takes us on a surreal journey deep into the lower recesses of progressive house, and on the way we’re treated to some expert musical story telling. Right from the off you find yourself drawn into this one, a very inviting and soft approach, the melodies cascade through the sound effortlessly. The drums remain tight and solid throughout offering a sense of security and safety and the bassline binds everything together with ease with its deep droning ways. A truly heart warming vibe that will not disappoint.

Swirling pads and fluttering notes provide the intro on Fog as we’re lured into its grasp. A punchy kick drum comes in and is joined by rhythmic percussions and sharp crispy hi hats. On the low end a solid bassline hypnotizes as it chugs along, forcing us to move. This one has a classic progressive vibe all over it as that chugging bassline drives the groove while surreal, space age sounds create an ethereal atmosphere. The break is a starkly contrasting section that reveals beautiful melodies from the mesmeric piano before building us back up to full on mode for the duration. Superb stuff that will be the perfect addition in any set.