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Deep Within EP

Deep Within EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2016-01-04

Catalog number: BP5162015

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Deep Within Your Soul (Original Mix)
Obscured By Dreams (Original Mix)
Introspection (Original Mix)

Mike Walshe aka Irish DJ and producer Satinka debuts on Bonzai Progressive with this stunning three tracker entitled Deep Within EP which is sure to cause waves through the underground. Although a debutant we have seen this guy before, his track The Way Of The Ancients featured on Bonzai’s In The Mix 001 mixed by the legend that is Airwave. A relative newcomer to producing he has definitely made a huge impact with his first release over at JOOF with his five track – Dissolving The Fear EP which was followed closely by the equally impressive Everything Is Energy on Geomagnetic. Now residing in Perth, Australia, Mike focuses in on the underground side of Trance, Psytrance and Progressive with his music being supported on many worldwide radioshows.

Deep Within Your Soul intros with a smooth sequence of sounds before bursting out into a full breaks arrangement that captures the imagination right away. Surreal atmospheric sounds flow through the track alongside some very subtle melodies that are just chomping at the bit to be let loose. A deep and driving bassline takes over the sound and is the perfect platform for the track to evolve. A beautifully crafted array of colours and sounds that melt into each other, drawing you in and locking you on for the duration, it’s hard to get away from this infectious groove. There’s so much more to Deep Within Your Soul than this description, making this a definite must have, you will not be disappointed.

Obscured By Dreams opens with a soft bell and smooth pads with a slight swell that seem to linger on forever. A deep, pounding kickdrum makes its way through delivering a breaks pattern that develops into a strong, solid arrangement complete with crispy hats and long splashy snares. The most beautiful melodies start to form up and contrast well with the tougher drums and gritty bassline. You get a real sense of underground with this expertly crafted collection of sounds, a totally immersive and mesmerizing groove that will have you coming back for more and more. Superb.

Introspection fades into existence with some real nice sounds including a deep droning bass and warm raspy flute. A beautifully melodic guitar soon follows and leads us into the superb, tight breaks arrangement we’ve been waiting on. Cool vocals are scattered all through this epic monster of a track and bring a little taste of retro to the sound. Again we witness the true power of the underground as Satinka unleashes an obscene array of quality sounds that seem to find common ground in the most fantastic way. Another fine slice of progressive breaks with a hint of almost everything thrown in, absolute genius.




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