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    Dark Activity

    Dark Activity

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2014-11-10

    Catalog number: BP4052014

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    Dark Activity (Original Mix)
    Gasparyan (Original Mix)
    Perception (Original Mix)

    French DJ and producer Mathov aka Mathieu Meyer debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the sublime three tracker Dark Activity. A lover of ethnic percussions Mathov has been inspired by and worked with producers such as Airwave, Kintar, Dark Soul Project and Moshic. He recently left behind Uplifting Trance and decided to take his radioshow on in a more Progressive Psytrance direction. Great to have him on board and we’re sure he will fit right in at Bonzai.

    First up we have Dark Activity which intros with a sublime tribalistic percussion arrangement alongside a deep, dark growling bass synth that captivates the mind instantly. A nice and smooth drum section keeps the rhythms flowing but the big hitter is the monster bassline and ethnic stringed plucks which offer lots of contrasts. Those tribal drums really take on hypnotic traits as you get lost in this wonderfully deep progressive slice, top notch.

    Gasparyan smacks you right in the face from the off with its energetically charged drum charged arrangement filled with wonderfully crafted percussion patterns. A warm, lush bass comes through bringing stunning depth to the sound and soon you will be gripped by its power. Striking synths and pads bring a subtle melodic flavour and are balanced beautifully with the darker nature of the sound. A real pumping progressive monster that will be a firm favourite no doubt.

    Perception intros with a wonderful deep pad sequence filled with lush bass tones and hair raising bright pitches. The chunky kicks make for a cool breaks arrangement as deeper basses begin to form up at the backend. Big synths tease throughout and you find yourself wanting them to burst out. A highly infectious groove here that will turn a few heads for sure.




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