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    Dance With Me

    Dance With Me

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2017-10-30

    Catalog number: BP7052017

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    Dance With Me (Original Mix)
    G.I.O.R.D.Y., S12

    S12 & G.I.O.R.D.Y. return to Bonzai Progressive with their full debut slice in the form of the fantastic Dance With Me. We got a taste of what this duo has to offer when they provided the remix on Adriano Dodici & Checco Esse – Naked back in August 2017 and the support for that came flooding in. It’s great to see them back for more and for now at least they remain mysterious.

    Dance With Me is a wondrous slice of progressive house with a deep hypnotic vibe that captivates the mind. Solid, punchy kick drums lead a powerful probing bassline that is joined by a cacophony of rhythmic percussions. The track carries a sublime retro feel thanks to a mesmeric synth sequence which is enhanced by chilling vocals and vox pads. The bassline intensifies with a driving groove, before the track breaks to reveal the ultimate spine tingling classic vocal which is caressed by swirling pads and subtle melodies. A top notch cut that will not disappoint.




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