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Cult EP

Cult EP

Label: Bonzai Basiks

Release date: 2018-04-02

Catalog number: BB2018193

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Cult (Original Mix)
Louis Irvine
Ritual (Original Mix)
Louis Irvine

Belfast’s own techno guru Louis Irvine returns to Bonzai Basiks with yet another bass bin busting joint that will definitely keep the techno heads very happy indeed. In just a few short years Louis has carved out his own niche with the Bonzai family. A string of quality cuts including Saturn, Alpas, In My Mind and Malfunction performed very well indeed, as did his collaboration with fellow Irishman Conor Doherty on their Orenda project. If you like your techno raw and straight up banging, then you’ve come to the right place.

First up we have the powerful arena style Cult which intros with a strong pumping kick drum followed by gritty percussions for that raw effect. An air of mystery hangs over the track as contrasting arpeggios line up against the dark and murky groove. The track builds naturally in a perfectly balanced arrangement with a probing bass and cool FX combi at the core. A monster sound for big and small venues that will not disappoint.

Ritual wastes no time in getting right down to business with a rolling bassline and thick pumping kick drum set up on the intro. Shuffling hi hats join in adding a rhythmic flow to the groove as dark percussion hits fade in. A tribal vibe comes through as the intricate percussion arrangement gathers momentum. The break features cool blips and bleeps before we’re thrust right back into full on mode on for the duration. A truly hypnotic monster of a tune that is not to be missed.




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