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    Crazy Town

    Crazy Town

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2019-10-28

    Catalog number: BP8872019

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    Crazy Town (Original Mix)
    Lex Green, Emanuel (D)
    Crazy Town (BILBONI Remix)
    Lex Green, BILBONI, Emanuel (D)
    Crazy Town (BILBONI Vocal Remix)
    Lex Green, BILBONI, Emanuel (D)

    Emanuel and Lex Green join forces on the superb Crazy Town which comes with two solid remixes from BILBONI. Although it’s been a while since we last saw this guy, German DJ and producer Manuel Palmitesta aka Emanuel is no stranger to these shores after his debut cut Rush Hour EP proved very popular indeed which was followed by a stellar remix on Alex Vidal’s Epiphany. Lex Green debuts here bringing a wealth of experience to the party. He was born and raised in Munich (DE) and currently resides in Switzerland. His first encounter with electronic music was in the 90’s, but that was just the beginning of a bigger journey. It is due to his first visit to the Spanish island of Ibiza, where he was so overwhelmed by the whole electronic music scene with its nightlife and its unique atmosphere, this was his inspiration then and it is still inspiring him today. A very much respected artist, Lex has worked with a raft of top producers and DJ’s over the years. Great to have both guys on board.

    The Original Mix offers up a nice progressive house vibe, with an emphasis on the house side thanks to a groovy bassline that forces you to move. A tight drum arrangement lets the rhythm loose as infectious percussion patterns come through. Cool, spacey FX and funky riffs lie in wait before coming up on the break. An intriguing slice that will mesmerize and keep the floors moving.

    BILBONI aka Goran Bilbija is up with the first of two remixes and he returns to BP after his 2018 Mantra EP. His early starts in the field were marked by attending and concluding a music school, where he learnt to play the accordion. As a teenager, his passion for music accelerated to the point where he would spend all his monthly pocket money on buying new records. Growing up, he started tasting the club life. Drawn by the electronic sounds, he would always be the last to go home. At that point he was inspired by the early Euro sounds. At the age of 20, he established a successful music duo called 2 Alive and signed quite a few contracts with various record labels. He has amassed quite an impressive release count and it’s always a pleasure to have him on board. On this, the first of two remixes, Goran delivers a full bodied, journey led progressive mover. Deep, rumbling slabs of bass fill the low end as infectious arps are joined by gritty, synth stabs. The break takes us on a meditative route before slamming back to the main groove making this an absolute must for any building set.

    The BILBONI Vocal Remix takes its lead from the first remix, maintaining that same, powerful groove for the duration. The main feature here though is the alluring, mystical vocal that adds so much character to the track and creating a proper captivating moment on the break. A definite must have also.




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