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Crackbrained EP

Bonzai Progressive BP8422019 22 April, 2019

Matti aka Turkish artist Ozgun Yasar Bakir is back at Bonzai Progressive for his third outing with the superb Crackbrained EP. This one follows his early 2019 cut The Magician which gained support from across the board. Matti started getting into music in his secondary school years. With encouragement from his family, he began playing guitar for local folk and blues groups in his hometown. Soon after he got into electronic music and from here, he honed his skills, creating his own unique sound. After several releases he has developed a solid reputation among his peers and we’ve no doubt this trend will continue, great to have him back for more.

Crackbrained takes us on a dark progressive tech journey filled with cool retro style plucky synths. The track is driven by a surging bassline and tight beat construction, giving it that progressive vibe. The relentless, mesmerizing groove is a certain dancefloor mover which will no doubt find its way into many playlists. A must have.

Dancer On The Moon intros straight into a solid rolling bassline with striking percussion and a punchy kick drum following suit. The bassline hypnotizes as soft pads rise up, bringing a cosmic flair to the groove. On the break we’re treated to a chorus of pitching plucked synth notes before the chunky beats return alongside melodic arps and dark pads. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Spook offers up a classic vibe thanks to darker vibes coming off the chunky bassline and accompanying sub level drones. The main synth lead enhances the retro feeling in the track with simple layered plucks causing maximum effect. A short break recharges the groove as the track aims squarely for the dancefloor. Great stuff, not to be missed.